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OG kush Strain



OG Kush strain is one of the populer and classic cannabis between newcomers and veterans alike. Its origin is still unknown, but it is stablish as one on the unrivalled therapeutic potential and a soothing and earthy flavour character. Its a strain that’s both pleasant to the palate and effective at relieving a variety of aches, OG Kush is well worth a try.



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Buy OG kush strain online . OG Kush  is one of the good strain and even recognition outside of the marijuana industry. However its being remain mystery what exectly origins of OG Kush Strain online. Its been said that it’s a hybrid of  staple Chemdawg and a hardy Hindu Kush landrace. The meaning of its name is also up for debate; the “OG” has been interpreted as “original gangster,” implying its status as an old-school building block strain, or “ocean grown,” implying its origins near the California coast. Its THC content has been regularly measured to be between 25 and 30 percent.Buy other OG kush Online here at Discretoheadshop. Buy OG kush strain online

OG Kush is a strain best enjoyed in the daytime or early evening

The Ok Kush bud is covered in trichomes, which give them a silvery-white look and make them very sticky to the touch; users may wish to use a grinder to prepare them for a joint or pipe. The buds have an earthy, musty fragrance that is enhanced by some citrusy brightness when properly cured, giving them the overall impression of a hoppy craft beer. The buds have a pine-like odour when burned or broken open. Because of its elevating and somewhat energetic properties. Its euphoric high can be enjoyed in a group environment or alone, and it can be used to complete a wide range of tasks. Its appeal is also backed up by genetic stability. Buy OG kush strain online

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The high from OG Kush is more cerebral than physical in nature. It begins with a sudden headrush that may cause users to become more aware of their environment, with noises and colours being more intense. This shift in perception could lead to a general increase in mood, possibly leading to euphoria. Smokers will not have a disorienting sense of fast idea association or “mindrace” as they might with more pure sativas. It’s a versatile cigarette that adapts to the user’s mood and attitude. This strain is unique in that it provides both mental stimulation and a boost in mood, making it ideal for gatherings and energetic chats. It’s also a terrific technique to improve physical and mental activities like video games, exercise, and even sex. OG Kush has been used in medicine to treat anxiety and despair by encouraging consumers to live in the moment. Its sensation of focus may be beneficial to persons with attention deficit issues. This strain has also been said to help people with headaches and migraines. With higher doses, OG Kush, like many sativa cultivars, has the ability to make consumers feel paranoid. Buy OG kush strain online

Indoors or outdoors, OG Kush seeds can be grown. Consistent temperatures of roughly 75 degrees Fahrenheit are required for outdoor cultivation. Plants are typically low and bushy, reaching between 2 and 3.5 feet tall, making indoor growth more comfortable for many. Trimming the broad fan leaves that grow towards the top of the plant, known as topping, will aid light and air reach the lower branches’ flowering nodes. When cultivated indoors, OG Kush plants flower in around 9 weeks, with an average yield of 45 grammes (1.6 ounces) per square foot. Because of the pungency of this strain, growers wishing to separate their grow space’s scents should invest in carbon air filters or exhaust fans.

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