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Moroccan hashish


The hashish itself was different, with significantly higher THC levels than before. The Moroccan hashish confiscated in France in 2012 had 16 percent THC concentration, according to tests conducted by the French Scientific Police. Traditional savonnettes had an average THC content of 8% and were of poor quality. With 15% THC content in 2011, the potency of hashish increased in Spain as well. In France and Spain, the two major consumer markets for Moroccan resin, the THC level of hashish has obviously increased since 2000.



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Buy moroccan hashish online. Moroccan Hash is available for purchase online. Moroccan hashish, often known as Moroccan hash, is an extracted substance. It’s made up of compressed or purified stalked resin gland preparations. The cannabis plant produces these glands, which are known as trichomes. It’s made up of the same active elements found in marijuana. THC and other cannabinoids are present, although at higher concentrations than in the unprocessed buds or leaves from which marijuana is made. Depending on the preparation, hashish can be solid or resinous. As a result, pressed hashish is typically solid, whereas water-purified hashish, sometimes known as “bubble melt hash,” is typically a paste-like substance with varied hardness and pliability. Its hue ranges from translucent to yellow, tan, black, or red, and is most typically light to dark brown. This is entirely dependent on the method and the amount of solvent remaining. For more buy moroccan hash online here at our online store Discretoheadshop.

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Cultivation: Cannabis is grown in the northern parts of the country, particularly in the province of Ketama. Morocco produced cannabis on at least 30’000 acres in 1992. This yields approximately 15’000 tonnes of hashish, which is sold to Europe (especially Spain, France, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Switzerland and Italy).

Color: Green to brown in colour. Because of the short growing season, the plants are still extremely green when harvested. Buy moroccan hashish online

Smell: Not spicy, but lightly aromatic. Buy moroccan hashish online

Taste: The flavour is quite moderate when compared to other types of Hash. Morocco’s flavour is one of my favourites; it’s smooth on the tongue (particularly in good varieties like Pollen or Zero-Zero) and tastes like weed.

Consistency: Quite variable, but often quite difficult. Morocco is usually supplied in slabs that are between 0.5 and 1.5 centimetres thick. Pollen is less compressed than in regular Morocco, and ZeroZero is extremely soft, almost Afghani-like. Buy moroccan hashish online

Effect: It offers a cerebral and active high as compared to other types of Hash. Buy moroccan hashish online

Potency: Only rarely potent, light to middling. Morocco isn’t very strong, even when it’s extremely fantastic. THC levels range from 0.9% to 10%.

Availability: Moroccan hash is the most prevalent type of hash on the European market; nonetheless, it is only recently that other types of hash have become available to the general customer. Morocco is marketed under a variety of brands, including Standard, Melange, Premier, Zero, Zero-Zero, Sputnik, Pollen, Chocolate, and maybe more.

Unfortunately, these designations aren’t really useful; dealers sell anything that’s marginally better than Standard under various labels. Pollen is a light brown tint that comes in thick, softly compacted slabs. It swells substantially more than other Moroccans when heated. I should point out that the definition of Pollen is incorrect botanically. Naturally, Hash is made from female resin glands rather than male pollens (which contain virtually no THC). Various: Even though the locals will sell you hash for a very low price, be cautious. Don’t tell them where you’re staying, and don’t be caught with a joint by the hotel personnel. Moroccan Hash online for sale provide you authentic hash near you. Buy moroccan hashish online

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