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Master kush Strain



Master Kush combines the strains Master Kush, Sensi Star, and Afghani to create a powerful indica. Master Kush melts away sleepiness and anxiety with its pungently sweet and earthy aroma, and it may also be a useful treatment for neurological diseases.



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Master Kush is a South Amsterdam-bred strain that was formerly known as High Rise. As an unusual tetraploid strain, this predominantly Indica strain gained favour in coffee shops there. The majority of marijuana strains are diploid. Each cell has two sets of chromosomes, one from each parent. Tetraploid strains have eight sets of chromosomes, four times the number of haploid strains. Buy marijuana online

Several prizes have been given to the strain over the years so buy marijuana and more here. It won the Cannabis Cup, also known as the Superbowl of marijuana, twice, in 1992 and 1993. It’s also the strain of choice for Snoop Lion (Snoop Dog). marijuana produces strong, but not overwhelming, euphoria that can leave users in a blissful haze. More experienced users report a rise in creativity and intellectual curiosity. Buy marijuana online

The pleasure produced by it is strong but not overwhelming, leaving consumers in a pleasant daze. A boost in inventiveness and intellectual curiosity has been reported by more experienced users.When Master Kush is smoked, common side effects include dry eyes and mouth. With higher doses or when Master Kush is consumed as an edible, some patients develop dizziness, paranoia, and anxiety. It has a THC content of 16 percent on average, with a maximum of 20 percent. Its high has become well-known, and it is a favourite of Snoop Dogg. It’s regarded as potent but not overwhelming, resulting in a happy state of mind that boosts creativity and intellectual curiosity while also numbing aches and pains. Despite its indica qualities, reviewers have noticed that it can heighten sensory awareness and make hobbies (and, for seasoned users, social activities) more enjoyable. Buy marijuana online

Growing Master kush

Nirvana produced cannabis, which is a hybrid between a true Hindu Kush and a Skunk. It takes 63 to 70 days for the strain to blossom. marijuana thrives inside or in a greenhouse, where each plant can yield up to 200 grammes.

Other strains have adopted the name Master Kush after its introduction. Some are authentic marijuana crosses, while others are just knockoffs. cannabis for sale

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